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1 April 1996
Duckie is Born!

Leif Harmsen

Legend has it that one fateful Saturday night Amy Lamé and Simon Strange followed a star to G.A.Y. where they first met the Reader's Wifes and began to dish. It was obvious to all that there was nowhere to go on a Saturday night in London. Every venue was wall to wall techno, sportswear, e, apolitical bimbos and  the same old boring scene. They imagined a club that played the best music of ALL TIME, that catered to the refined whims and fancies of homosexual ladies and gentlemen equally, that was not afraid to take a stand on political issues, that was not run by the mob, that did not make a killing by preying on the insecurities of its patrons, and that would host the most exciting new performers and events in which everyone could participate. Duckie opened its doors with performances by Tina C and Twinkle on Saturday 25 November 2005. As it turned out they were not alone in their dreaming because from such humble beginnings a new way forward in the politics of dancing was realised and the Duckie Generation was born.

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