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1 January 1997
Shock Scandal! Arch Bishop of Canterbury Makes Scene Over Duckie

Leif Harmsen

Duckie's plans to have its New Years party at St. Andrew's Church on the 31st of December 1996 were dashed by the meddling hand of the Arch Bishop of Canterbury, Dr. George Carey. This shameful act by the known homophobe was all the worse as it left little time to find an alternate venue. Fortunately the Market Tavern proved to be more accommodating than the Church of England. The Duckie New Years Party was a success despite the Arch Bishop's shameful and disruptive act. Due to his unacceptable behaviour, the Arch Bishop George has been barred from all Duckie events at least until he comes forward with a public apology. Ha! One Duckie regular was quoted as saying, "We're like cockroaches, hard to kill." And thus  Duckie rang in 1997 brimming with pride and determination.

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