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1 August 2010
CLUB NIGHT: Duckie performance and cocktails

Jane Czyzselska, DIVA

Sold out virtually as soon as it was announced, this 3-night affair proves yet again how vibrant and culturally vital Duckie is to the London arts scene. I attended on the third and final night and found the venue had been spruced up from its usual spit n sawdust glory to music hall red velvet curtains and tables for seated, suited and sequinned punters. Club promoters Amy Lame and Simon Casson presided over the event with characteristic panache to create a truly generous, original and edgy evening. First up was Dominic Johnson, a young golden Adonis who performed an act of intense and bloody beauty to a glam rock space odyssey soundrack leaving this audience member roused and mesmerised.

Another highlight was Wendy Houston who performed Starbucked – a spoken word show that cleverly toyed with our expectations about desire, memory and trauma. In Kira O’Reilly’s performance, voyeurism was quite literally turned on its head as she paraded through the space nude with a mirror and scalpel and performed an exhilarating headstand after she’d scored her legs with a sharp blade. Later in the evening exchanging a range of bodily fluids, Mitch and Parry performed a compellingly grotesque yet strangely sexy and intimate wrestle. Neil Bartlett finished off the evening with ‘Sleeping Beauty’ an ode to lost youth (I think). In all it was a gem of a night, with the usual bold spirit that I’ve come to love at Duckie special events.

Don’t miss their 15th birthday party on Friday from 9.30 to 2 at The Clore Ballroom at the Royal Festival Hall where Vauxhall’s finest purveyors of progressive working class entertainment invite you to a free 21st century music hall night of celebration. With Tina C, Amy Lame, Readers Wifes and The Stylinquents among others you won’t be disappointed.

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