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2 May 2010
Sarah Brown appears at Duckie

Staff Writer:

Sarah Brown (left) and Amy LameSarah Brown (left) and Amy Lame

Sarah Brown, the wife of the prime minister Gordon Brown made a surprise guest appearance at the Duckie gay club night in Vauxhall, South London last night.

The Duckie event, held at the Royal VauxhallTavern is one of the main arty gay club nights in London and is hosted by lesbian comedian Amy Lame.

Mrs Brown was there in the final weekend before the general election, which current polling suggests her husband is to lose. She and the Labour Party have made particular effort to appeal to the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered) community. Last July, she took part in the London gay pride march, after her husband hosted an intimate reception at 10 Downing Street.

She was there officially there to mark 13 years to the day that New Labour won the 1997 general election and began the journey that would eventually lead to an equal age of consent and gays serving in the military (although both were also partly forced on the UK by the European Convention on Human Rights). Labour also introduced the civil partnership acts that afforded gay couples the same legal rights as married couples (save for the word marriage, the right to marry in a religious institution and some aspects of dissolution).

She drew the winning ticket for a raffle, which incidentally was a pink “number 10″!

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