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1 November 1997
Duckie Turns Terrible 2 in Style!

Leif Harmsen

Duckie turned two at the beautiful and posh Rivoli Ballroom to the confident sound of a 10 piece band and the madcap mix of the Reader's Wifes. The Golden Duck Award was presented to... JACKIE CLUNE! (I voted for the Divine David, but there you go. What a tough decision!) A number of people fell in love, for better or for worse, and Amy, bless her heart, made an enormous birthday cake!  Alan Yoshioka appeared in a blue ball gown and danced with me.  Many of us put on the Ritz for the occasion and Stewart was in his element. Pretty much all the Duckie regulars were present and a few wonderful new people as well. The whole thing was too damn lovely!

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