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29 June 2011
Duckie's Lullaby at the Barbican


What do 29 beds, translucent flying animals and a magician goose with a top hat have in common? ..probably one of the most bizarre and intriguing nights of the theatre you'll ever experience. Lullaby at the Barbican has opened it's bedroom doors for a month, inviting an unexpected audience to drift into a gentle slumber in their very own single, double or triple bed. As you arrive at the theatre, just as most shows are normally finishing, this is just getting started. Once at the check in desk you are greeted by a receptionist with a look that seems fresh out of an 'I love lucy' episode. After check in and some tasty hot chocolate (it really is very tasty) you are lead to the changing room to get into your PJs and slippers or in my case; T-shirt and board shorts. The oddly clad, slightly vulnerable audience are then invited into the pit to start a show that explores the dadaist with a symphony of silliness. However, once the absurdity has washed over you, it's clear to see that the show has been very cleverly thought out. From the story of a lonely man's growing imagination to the rotating, hypnotic Octopi.. the show creates an illusion that is very calming and instantly sparks off a chorus of yawns from the transfixed onlookers. By the time the show moved to it's fading lullaby, the majority of the audience were already deep in a silent slumber.

As we gather around a retro breakfast of eggs and soldiers, fresh from possibly one of the most incredible wake up calls I've ever experienced; the audience are buzzing from a night that is truly unique.. and with it being much cheaper than the best budget hotel and a comfortably affordable theatre ticket, this is an overnight experience that is not to be missed.

Lullaby by Duckie, playing in the Pit at the Barbican until the 24th of July 2011.

Hotline: +44 (0)20 7737 4043

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