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29 June 2011
LULLABY at the Barbican Theatre

Broadway World

Duckie is currently presenting 'Lullaby' at the Barbican Theatre in London, with performances beginning June 24, 2011. The show runs through July 24, 2011. BroadwayWorld brings you production shots below!

Lullaby is a gentle, slumber show designed to send you to sleep. Bring your pyjamas and toothbrush and pile up the zzz's at this romantic rock-a-bye nocturne. Book a single, a double or a triple bed and sleep with us on a summer night in the city. Enjoy your reveries as sister songstresses H. Plewis, Harriet Plewis and domestic dreamers Matthew Robins and Tim Spooner create a nod-off narrative of soothing storytelling and choral cradle song.

Lullaby is a moonlit soporific serenade followed by seven hours of slow-wave sleep rounded-off by
breakfast to send you on your way.

The production is directed by Mark Whitelaw, designed by Laura Hopkins and produced by Duckie and the Barbican.

(Credit Image: © Jane Hobson/London News Pictures/

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