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7 July 1996
Duckie Goes to Brighton!

Leif Harmsen

Duckie took a special trip to Brighton on a lovely Sunday the 7th of July 1996. We boarded the double decker bus outside the Royal Vauxhall Tavern, still recovering from the Duckie clubnight before. Amy Lamé and Simon were present as were the Reader's Wifes and a couple dozen Duckie regulars. At Brighton much fun was had on the pier and in the host club. High points of the day included a merry-go-round ride on the beach, rides on a vintage amusement arcade duck, the Stewart Alexander Experience with Miss. High Leg Kick and a sing-song on the upper deck on the way home to London. The sing-song got out of hand, with Clarence at the back of the bus challenging the front to "outdo our shame" in singing the most sickeningly stereotypical gay anthems. We all lost our voices for a week, but it was worth it.

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