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20 December 2006
The Class Club

Paul Vale: The Stage

The Duckie Christmas Show has rapidly become one of the most anticipated dates of the season. There are, in fact, three events you may attend with each one being a traditional Christmas dinner party. The upper classes are treated to multiple courses, silver service and pseudo operatic waiting staff whilst the lower classes are fed a turkey dinner, Harvester-style, with mock tribute acts warbling popularist Christmas anthems - badly.

The middle classes, perhaps the most difficult to define, are treated to lesbian friendly wine in tumblers and waiting staff who talk about Nietzsche and perform poetry. As this reviewer was placed at a table where yoga was a topic of conversation I felt desperately out of place and longed for party poppers and a slice of non PC turkey.

Once again, Duckie has outdone themselves by skilfully employing unconventional comic devices making the participant re-examine their perception, in this instance, of class. The three parties gradually open up into one major event and the performances of the staff never stop, whether waiting table or on the platform. Particularly worthy of note is Terri-Ann Brumby, instantly recognisable as the genial host to the lower class, fearlessly guarding her microphone and negotiating her way around all three parties, bringing the whole together with a raffle for the poor little babies in hospital. Also worthy of note is designer Laura Hopkins who?s keen eye combines with the performances to make the whole remarkably believable.

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