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29 November 2006
The Fourth Coming

Paul Burston: Blog

Apologies to those who don't live in London or are forced to work on Tuesday nights, but for the benefit of those who do and aren't, a word of advice - go and see David Hoyle at the Royal Vauxhall Tavern. I've said it before but I'll say it again - the man is a fucking genius.

Last night was the fourth in a seven week run of his new performance club Magazine. The 'issue' of the night was spirituality, and topics up for discussion ranged from queuing up at the post office to getting down on your knees at a gay sauna, religious bigotry to internalised homophobia, the meaning of life to the death of squirrels.

Denouncing our furry friends as 'the drag queens of the rodent community', Hoyle confessed that he relished 'the sound of a squirrel starving to death'. You could tell how many keen gardeners there were in the audience by the level of the laughter.

The show was a breakthrough in some ways. As a performer, Hoyle has always had a vast arsenal of talents to fall back on. He's charismatic, clever and has enormous stage presence and great comic timing. What he didn't used to have, at least not in the old 'Divine David' days, was the courage to be truly vulnerable on stage. The pain was always there, but masked behind a steady stream of vitriol.

That changed last night. The vitriol is there, and the savage humour too. But there were moments in last night's show that were truly heartstopping. When he told a punter he'd happily give up performing if he could only find someone to love him, he wasn't joking. It may sound cheesy now, but then I guess you had to be there.

In fact, you have to be there. Next Tuesday. 8pm. The theme is the sex trade, and the special guest is a male hooker rumoured to have a rather large penis. So that's one comic genius with a side order of cock. What more do you people want?<

David Hoyle as The Divine David

And again as he is now, pictured with my mum at my recent book launch. Is this the start of a sinister new cult?

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