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4 December 2007
Duckie Twists Seven Cocks

Alexis Soloski: Village Voice

Come taste the wine, come hear the band, come pay a woman to offer you tortilla chips while she balances a bowl of salsa on her pudendum in an act entitled "Nacho Snatcho." On December 20, the much-hailed English performance troupe Duckie?self-described as "Post-Poofter Purveyors of Progressive Working-Class Entertainment"?will make their U.S. debut, bringing their outré talents to the Clemente Soto Velez Cultural Center through January 19. Duckie regulars Marisa Carnesky, Joshua Sofaer, Kazuko Hohki, and Miss High Leg Kick will mingle with New York performers Taylor Mac, Jessica Delfino, Dynasty Handbag, and Peggy Shaw. A caveat: While the performers sport flesh-colored body stockings, "swanky evening wear" is required of attendees.

Their show, C'est Duckie, takes place in nightclub-like environs. Duckie producer Simon Casson says CSV will be "transformed into a very swanky London performance palais, all gilt and red velvet." Each table receives a sheaf of "Duckie dollars" (we hope these are less devalued than American ones). They can be used to purchase 10-minute performance pieces such as "Golden Throat," "Professor Rigidlips and Friends," and "Stilettos of Death." These apparently range from the funny to the lewd to the lewdly funny. We are intrigued by "Miss High Leg Kick Does Seven Cocks," apparently a feat of anthropomorphic balloon twisting.

Casson told The Times of London: "What we do is performance art, which is boring, meets showbiz, which is vacuous. Where they meet is great." Ah, now we comprehend the putative appeal of "Boobelina" and "The Wicked Witch of the West Does Robert De Niro in Spanish."

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