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Marty Langthorne
Production Manager

Marty is a production manager, lighting designer and collaborator for live artists and performance makers in the UK and Australia. When away from Duckie he works with Serpentine Gallery, Chelsea Theatre, Sheila Ghelani, Julia Bardsley, Helena Hunter, Andrew Poppy, Kira O'Rielly, Natasha Davies, Chloe Dechery & Mem Morrison. In Australia Marty has worked with Sydney Festival, William Yang, Kate Champion, Margaret Cameron, Jim Sharman, Jenny Kemp, Ros Horin, Linsey Pollak, Andree Greenwell and Force Majeure.

Likes: tea & cake, sunday lunch, a sunny day

Dislikes: tv, the tube at rush hour, pushy people


Hotline: +44 (0)20 7737 4043

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