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Leif Harmsen
Duckie Webmeister

Leif Harmsen launched the unofficial Duckie site to critical acclaim in 1996 when both Duckie and the web were spanking new.   He has created, hosted, maintained, expanded, pruned, re-engineered and pushed the limits of Duckie's creative presence ever since.  This site graduated to Official when Duckie took ownership and and a decisive interest in its direction.   Today it contains many years of international collaboration between Duckie producers, artists, performers, hosts, designers, photographers, videographers, writers, musicians, DJs,  regulars, critics and Leif.


Harmsen is an interdisciplinary artist working mostly with large canvases, short movies, computer code and dabbles on stage as The Great Leifaroni Harmsini with the art of revival burlesque.  He's variously studied, worked, exhibited, performed and lived in London, New York, Toronto, Montreal, Hong Kong, Berlin and Sydney.

Sleeping all curled up with furry men.  Good colour.  Scary truths.

Celine Dion.  Facebook.  Piety.

Photo credit: Fabrice Arafi

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