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Jess Love

Jess Love
graduated from the National Institute of Circus Arts with a Bachelor of Circus Arts in 2003. Her specialties are hula-hoops, tumbling, acrobatics, skipping, double trapeze and hoop diving. Jess studied gymnastics (to Level 7), dance and drama for 10 years before gaining a place at NICA. Since graduating from NICA, Jess has been employed as a core performer with Circus Oz (2006/2007) touring to Hawaii, New York, New Zealand, The Sydney Opera House and nationally across Australia with the company.

In 2004 Jess was given an honourable mention at the Fringe Awards for Best Female Performer for her work in The Candy Butchers - A Circus Sweetmeat. Jess has worked with Dislocate Physical Theatre, Throwdown, Gurlesque, Medium Rare, The Tiny Top, Circus Quirkus, Circus Monoxide, The Burlesque Hour, La Clique. She has also performed in award winning street duo Erratic-Crobatic, has her own solo street show The Jess Love Team, which has toured across north America, UK and Europe and is the current World Record Holder of ‘Most Hula Hoops’ hooped at once with 115 hoops.

Her new solo show ‘And The Little One said…’ premiered in 2009, winning the ‘Circus Australia Award’ and was given an Honorable Mention for ‘Best Circus Show’ at the Melbourne Fringe. In Feb 2010 it was nominated for ‘Best Circus Show’ at the Adelaide Fringe Festival.

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