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Simon Casson, ProducerSimon Casson, Producer
Simon is the full time Producer for Duckie. A very well traveled man, he is originally from Hackney but now lives in Stockwell. He learned his trade at Pontins Camber Sands, youth theatres in London in the 80’s and Rose Bruford College in Deptford.

Dicky Eton, ProducerDicky Eton, Producer
Dicky runs Duckie with Simon. He sorts things. When he isn't with Duckie, he flies between Manchester and London and works with other outfits like Blast Theory and Carnesky Productions.

Amy Lamé, Duckie Hostess & Co-FounderAmy Lamé, Duckie Hostess & Co-Founder
Amy Lamé is the indie-disco hostess with the mostess and legendary lezzie chubby funster. When not hosting Duckie she is on the radio and telly and in the papers. Originally from New Jersey, she has been a Londoner for two decades.

ReaderReader's Wifes, Duckie DJs
When Readers Wifes played their first record at Duckie in 1995 gay clubland was musically homogenised, with house music dominant.  They wrote and compiled their tribute show 'The Readers Wifes Fan Club' in 2010. Recently they have recorded a few podcasts for Radio Duckie which are available on this web site. Readers Wifes are Chelsea Kelsey (the blonde English one) and Kim Phaggs (the dark Scottish one).

Jay Cloth, Duckie DoorwhoreJay Cloth, Duckie Doorwhore
Part of the original gang of 6, this elusive masked-mensch has been working his looks on the door at Duckie weekly since 1995. After Laban, he cut his arty teeth with The Featherstonehaughs and The Divine David. In his non Duckie work, Jay Cloth produces monstrously beautiful collages.

Father Cloth, Duckie DoorwhoreFather Cloth, Duckie Doorwhore
Working the door at Duckie for 18 years since it’s inception, Father Cloth is by day a butch gardener and a shy singer in the band Breathless. He sometimes DJs at Duckie special events and soundtracked all the David Hoyle shows for us.

Frances Cloth, Duckie DoorwhoreFrances Cloth, Duckie Doorwhore
Frances Cloth's quiff says it all: this chick means business. By the light of day you will find her in St Leonards on Sea doing shady deals shifting vintage gear, and on her night's off curled up on the sofa learning the ukelele.

Jock, Associate DJJock, Associate DJ
Jock is Scottish. He sometimes helps the Readers Wifes DJ.

Mark Whitelaw, Duckie DirectorMark Whitelaw, Duckie Director
Mark directed & co-devised most of Duckies big show's – ‘C’est Barbican!’, ‘The Class Club’, Readers Wife's Fan Club, Lullaby and Copyright Christmas. He also directs, writes and collaborates with a myriad of artists and companies including Ursula Martinez, Peter Zegveld (Holland), Mem Morrison, The People Show, Norddans (Sweden), Insomniac Productions, Bedlam Dance Company, H2Dance, Penny Collinson & Company and Shamshad Khan. Mark is also a part time lecturer in theatre at Lancaster University.

Daniel Martin, Graphic DesignerDaniel Martin, Graphic Designer
Daniel does the graphics for Duckie.  He is a pixels, scissors and glue merchant.  In his spare time he indulges his passions for perfume.
Marty Langthorne, Production ManagerMarty Langthorne, Production Manager
Marty is a production manager, lighting designer and collaborator for live artists and performance makers in the UK and Australia. When away from Duckie he works with Serpentine Gallery, Chelsea Theatre, Sheila Ghelani, Julia Bardsley, Helena Hunter, Andrew Poppy, Kira O'Rielly, Natasha Davies, Chloe Dechery & Mem Morrison. In Australia Marty has worked with Sydney Festival, William Yang, Kate Champion, Margaret Cameron, Jim Sharman, Jenny Kemp, Ros Horin, Linsey Pollak, Andree Greenwell and Force Majeure.
Bernd Fauler, Production ManagerBernd Fauler, Production Manager
Bernd is a Rocker.

Marisa Carnesky, Associate ArtistMarisa Carnesky, Associate Artist
Marisa Carnesky is a showwoman who has been creating cross art form spectacular performances since 1993. Her work includes the acclaimed theatrical dark ride Carnesky’s Ghost Train, Carnesky's Tarot Drome and untold solo shows including Jewess Tattooess, The Girl from Nowhere, Magic War and Lady Muck. She has also collaborated extensively with Duckie, including C’est Barbican! Originally trained as a dancer and choreographer, Marisa's company is now an Arts Council national portfolio organisation.

Ursula Martinez, Associate ArtistUrsula Martinez, Associate Artist
Ursula Martinez is an internationally renowned writer, performer and cabaret artist. She has created many critically acclaimed shows, has performed in numerous prestigious venues and around the world such as the Sydney Opera House and the Barbican, but because of the bloody internet, is probably best known for her cult magic striptease act Hanky Panky.

Christopher Green, Associate ArtistChristopher Green, Associate Artist
Christopher Green is a writer and performer whose work covers comedy, cabaret, theatre and live art. He is Tina C., Ida Barr, Jedd O’Sullivan and a host of others. He is also himself. The Australian Newspaper called him ‘the most intelligent man to come out of the UK since Stephen Fry’, The Independent called him ‘Britain’s best drag queen’, and The Guardian ‘an entertainment maverick’. Chris can’t comment on any of these.

Kazuko Hohki, Associate ArtistKazuko Hohki, Associate Artist
Kazuko Hohki is the founder member of Frank Chickens, who released five albums and toured worldwide. As a solo artist, she has produced several shows including Toothless, Evidence For The Existence Of Borrowers and Kazuko Hohki’s Wuthering Heights. Kazuko has published four books in Japan and recently started to direct theatre. She is Associate Artist at Battersea Arts Centre and Artistic Patron at Arts Depot (Finchley).

Miss High Leg Kick, Associate ArtistMiss High Leg Kick, Associate Artist
Comic visionary superstar and leggy lovely Miss High Leg Kick subverts burlesque style glamour with her eponymous move reinvented in spectacular celebrations of dance, costume, extreme physical risk and messy foodstuffs. Her big hit project was Fashion Bus. MHLK recently got married, had a baby and moved to Brighton...but she will be back soon on the performance scene with avengance.

H. Plewis, Associate ArtistH. Plewis, Associate Artist
Originally trained as a dancer in New York and Chichester, H is now a performance artiste combining singing, dancing and much fannying about. She has had the pleasure of collaborating working for various luminaries of the experimental performance scene such as Marisa Carnesky, The Invisible Circus, David Hoyle and Shunt. She tries to make things that are brutally beautiful and not really what you’d expect from a well brought up middle class girl from Crouch End.

Scottee, Associate ArtistScottee, Associate Artist
Scottee has thrown cake at Rihanna on the X Factor, spat milkshake at Nick Grimshaw live on Radio 1 and sung a duet with Lisa Stansfield at a beauty pageant. He is a performer, director, writer, clothes horse and all round fat cunt from Kentish Town.
'Mediocre' - The Stage.

Robin Whitmore, Associate ArtistRobin Whitmore, Associate Artist
Since 2004, Robin has devised, designed and directed all of the legendary annual Gay Shame events bar one. Over the years he has specialized in creating interactive installations in a nightclub environment for Duckie, including a LGBT history magazine for Gross Indecency in summer 2010. Robin also designed 'Copyright Christmas', Duckie's big seasonal show in 2011 at the Barbican. He also runs the creative arts group 19+ in Camberwell working with autistic adults.

Tim Brunsden, Associate ArtistTim Brunsden, Associate Artist
Tim is an award winning film maker interested in visual narratives, random connections, open source principals and collaborative ways of working.  He specialises in documentary video work with a community/arts focus, both independently and with long term partnerships with Liverpool's Homotopia Festival and Duckie. Tim enjoys messing around with media manipulation software and has also delved into live performance creating projections for shows such as Duckie's 'Readers Wives Fan Club' and Pains Plough's 'Tiny Volcanoes'.  Tim is also a Director of artist collective Re-Dock.

Laura Hopkins, Associate ArtistLaura Hopkins, Associate Artist
Laura is an internationally-acclaimed and award-winning performance designer and straddles the mainstream and avant-garde. As well as collaborating with Duckie she has designed productions for English National Opera, Pete Brooks/Imitating the Dog, New Zealand Opera, Ursula Martinez and Chris Green, The Royal Shakespeare Company, Sadlers Wells, Marisa Carnesky,  Katie Mitchell, The National Theatre, Shakespeare’s Globe, Welsh National Opera, The London Palladium and the Wooster Group. She is Chief Environmental Engineer with the International Necronautical Society (INS), founded by author Tom McCarthy and is proud to be part of the extended Duckie family.

Susie Hewlett, Associate ArtistSusie Hewlett, Associate Artist
Susie Hewlett is a child star appearing on both The Paul Daniel's Magic show and Going Live (in the audience).  Hailing from the suburbs,  she likes the dark side and as a performer, video artist and actor she has meandered through galleries, theatres, festivals, cinemas and toilets.  She uses comedy to expose the scarier stuff in Pop Culture and plays this out through characters such as Chris Titmas, Lorraine Surefoot & Yogashwara Dwindle. Since the age of 4 she has been in love with Matthew Kelly.

Nigel Wrench, Chair of the BoardNigel Wrench, Chair of the Board
Nigel lives in Brighton and loves his mini.

David Falkner, Board MemberDavid Falkner, Board Member
David Falkner is the Director of the Stanley Picker Gallery at Kingston University, where he delivers an interdisciplinary programme of contemporary art and design, recently including major projects with David Austen, El Ultimo Grito, Sara Fanelli, Juneau Projects and Elizabeth Price.

Áine Duffy, Board MemberÁine Duffy, Board Member
Áine Duffy works at the Royal College of Art, where she is head of media relations & marketing. Prior to that she was at academic publishers Routledge, and responsible for promoting their lovely queer and gender books, before becoming Routledge's head of publicity. A highly experienced communications professional and long-time Duckie aficionado, Áine is passionate about intelligent queer culture.

Michael Atavar, Board MemberMichael Atavar, Board Member
Michael Atavar is an artist, writer, coach and a creative consultant with a practice that mixes art, business and psychology. His output includes over thirty public works, in a variety of forms - live, installation, digital media, publishing. His books 'How To Be An Artist' and '12 Rules of Creativity' are out now.

CampbellX, Board MemberCampbellX, Board Member
Campbell is an award-winning filmmaker and curator. Her films include the big feature of 2012 'Stud Life', the award-winning 'BD Women', 'Legacy' which explores the lasting impact of slavery on Black families and 'Fem', a butch homage to queer femininity. Her body of work was honoured by the Queer Black Cinema festival in New York in March 2009. Campbell has written short stories and articles on film, sexuality and gender for Diva Magazine, Feminist Review, The Pink Paper, Critical Quarterly, Chroma Magazine, BFM Magazine, Luxonline and BFI Screenonline.

Tim Whitehead, Board MemberTim Whitehead, Board Member
Tim Whitehead manages turns such as The Tiger Lillies, Bourgeois & Maurice, Jonny Woo, Meow Meow, Dickie Beau, Camille O'Sullivan and others. Before going solo he was at Soho Theatre for a long time booking the comedy and cabaret talent.

Wendy Leston, Board MemberWendy Leston, Board Member
Wendy Leston was the legendary landlady of the Retro Bar.

Alan Miller, Board MemberAlan Miller, Board Member
Alan likes the arts. But he likes music even more. He works as a freelance press agent based in Glasgow, for organisations including Glasgay! and Optimo. As Hush Puppy, he is the legendary DJ, enjoying a current residency at Glasgow's Death Disco.

Leif Harmsen, Duckie WebmeisterLeif Harmsen, Duckie Webmeister
Leif Harmsen is an interdisciplinary artist working mostly with large canvases, short movies, computer code and dabbles on stage as The Great Leifaroni Harmsini.  He's variously studied, worked, exhibited, performed and lived in London, New York, Toronto, Montreal, Hong Kong, Berlin and Sydney.

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