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9pm – 3am

In 1967 the sexual offences bill was passed legalising homosexual acts in private for consenting adults over 21

What was the gay scene like before then?

On Gay Pride night 2010, Duckie turned back the clock and staged an authentic London clubnight set sometime in the early-1960’s when to be a homosexual was to be a criminal

Effeminate dilly boys, dusty dykes, divers, modest mods, retrosexual rockers, sister george, closet cases, toffs, spivs, belgravia brasses, married men, jamaican sailors, ladies in tweed
and the criminal underworld.

Camden Centre, Camden Town Hall WC1 UK

Sold Out

With Readers Wifes, Amy Lamé, Scottee, ‘Dusty Springfield’,
  Bird la Bird, Wrench & Franks, Tony Rebel Rebel, Russell Harris,
Robin Whitmore, Lucille Power, Michelle Moran, Sue Frumin,
Ben Joiner, Chris Linda, Michael Spenceley, Nuno Silva,
Jarkko Lemhus, Robin Dingemans, Sami Knight,
The Cloths and The Actionettes

Choreography by Luca Silvestrini

Lighting Design by Beky Stoddart & Sarah Brown

Designed by Laura Hopkins & Simon Kenny


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