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16, 17, 18 July 2010
Latitude, Southwold UK


In summer 2010 Duckie schleped to Suffolk for their debut festival appearance,
staging a rock’n’roll masked ball and a few sidelines.


T H E   M A S K E D   B A L L


A big late night show, a big indie dance den, a few mollies
and a lot of wearing of paper bags over your head.

With DJs
Readers Wifes, hostess Amy Lamé with artistes Ida Barr, Fancy Chance,
H PlewisUrsula Martinez, Lucifire, Kalki La Hula, Tim Spooner, Jess Love and Scottee.

Duckie also hosted a pop-up mask workshop in the daytimes.


B A R B A R A     A N D     Y O G A S H W A R A ' S    S A F E    S P A C E

Mother-and-daughter partnership Barbara and Yogashwara offered a refuge
from the festival fray with healing, rituals and mindfulness.

Ruthless adult comedy horror in a caravan from
Hewlett & Eaton
that explored power, abuse and new age spirituality.

L A T I T U D E   D R E A M S

Robin Whitmore

The dreams of dozens of Latitude punters were transcribed and illustrated
by artist
Robin Whitmore creating a translucent tapestry
of our collective unconscious (oh yea maan).

Hotline: +44 (0)20 7737 4043

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