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   November 2010

Part experimental contemporary performance mix-tape; part live art pop video; part working class screamagers pub show

DJ's Readers Wifes popular compilation CDs were turned into 3D performance featuring the supersonic sound of Slade, David Bowie, L7, Sex Pistols, Bill Grundy, Serial Mom, Marilyn, Paris is Burning, Fight Club, Abigails Party, the Wigan Casino, John Peel, The Naked Civil Servant, the Bay City Rollers, The Family, Tony Blackburn, Regina Fong, Courtney Love, The Krays, Cristina, La Bionda, Jean Michelle Jarre and many more.

"...funny, insightful, touching.  And you can dance to it."
- Ben Walters, Time Out London


Cum on Feel the Noize!

Starring Dickie Beau, Jess Love & Ryan Styles
Directed by
Mark Whitelaw
Plagiarized and Played by DJs
Readers Wifes
Tim Brunsden
H. Plewis
Marty Langthorne
Nicholas Immaculate

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