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Duckie in Lille, France

Tri-Postal, Lille
Friday 3 December 2010

Part of Lille-London, a two week programme of culture de Londres to accompany the blockbusting Saatchi co
ntemporary art show 'The Silk Road'

The English bourgeoisie & the proletariat were displayed at their best - and worst - in this daring club, cabaret and sideshow. Classes collided as French punters explored the social architecture of this dirty old town in a series of unsophisticated performances and installations: drunken slags, vicars, muslim brits, African toilet attendants, royalists, - all London life was here

Warning: this event contains art, some nudity, blood and tacky English people. Over 16's only.

This slice of Genuine British Codswallop is currently available to tour other Euro cities.

    "Duckie is one of British theatre's greatest treasures"      - The Guardian

Lille, France

Tri Postal
Avenue Willy Brandt, Euralille 59000


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