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Lullaby, the Sleepover Show
Barbican, London
24 June - 24 July 2011
Arrive 10.30pm, ends 9am
Sold Out

Lullaby was a gentle slumber show designed to send you to sleep

In this sublime sleepover Duckie transformed the theatre
into a big beautiful bedroom for an audience of dreamers

Chums and book singles, a double or even a triple bed,
  all came to sleep with us on a summer night in the city

You enjoyed your private dreams as sister songstresses Harriet & H Plewis
and domestic dreamers Matthew Robins and Tim Spooner
created a nod off narrative
of soothing storytelling and choral cradle song

  You brought your pyjamas and toothbrush
and piled up the zzz’s at this romantic rock-a-bye nocturne

Duckie, Lullaby 2011,

Lullaby was a moonlit soporific serenade followed by
seven hours of slow-wave sleep rounded-off by breakfast

  You went to bed with Duckie.

Barbican Centre, Silk Street, London EC2

Directed by Mark 
Designed by Laura Hopkins
Lighting Design Sarah Brown
Music Matthew Robins
Costumes Tim Spooner
Check In Sue Hewlett
Sound Design Steve Mayo
Production Manager Marty Langthorne
Stage Manager Natacha Poledica
Bed Makers Annette Bowden, Ingus Rurans, Christine Casson, Mickey Anne Busby
Breakfast Mel Gentle, Eby Herasme & José Riscosa
Commissioned by the Barbican and produced by Duckie

Bed linen was generously supplied by TOAST

‘It is an extraordinary event.’
Sarah Hemming, Financial Times
‘Duckie’s eerily beautiful and utterly unique production…. It demands to be experienced.’ 
Tom Wicker, Exeunt
'Full of delight and surprise…I’ve never spent a night in the theatre like it.’
Mark Shenton 4* review, Sunday Express, 3.07.11
‘The piece offers a totally immersive experience, where you’ll interact like never before with fellow audience members. And, into the bargain, you’ll get one of the best nights of deep REM sleep you’ll ever enjoy in a London theatre.’
John O’Mahony, The Guardian
‘If you happen to be passing the Barbican late and see people in jimjams smoking on the pavement, don’t worry. They’re cutting-edge theatregoers.’
Libby Purves, The Times, 28.06.11
‘An unmissable experience..’ 
Tim Macavoy, Attitude
‘As there was no chance to applaud at the end, let me now – an hour after returning to the office from my Barbican stay and feeling far more refreshed than usual – raise a pillow and a happy yawn to the Duckie team…and all the stewards. I did indeed have a good night’s sleep and am very grateful.’
Terri Paddock, Whats On Stage
‘If you secretly yearn for feather pillows and spiced possets, then book yourself a bed in director Mark Whitelaw’s wonderfully gentle world.’
David Trennery, Blogcritics
‘It's a hugely enjoyable and memorable experience…’
Lyn Gardner, The Guardian
'There’s something nurturing about the combination of such polished hospitality (the smartly pyjama-clad Barbican staff are kindness itself) and such innocent theatre – it invites you to trust, to relax, to sleep. And sleep we did, once we had set aside our inner five-year-olds and their clamour for “just one more story” from Duckie’s magical storybook.’
Alexandra Coghlan, The Arts Desk

Lullaby Promo from Radio Duckie

Janice Long Reports on BBC2 - 24 June 2011

Amy Lamé on Drivetime with Eddie Nestor on BBC London; 5 Oct 2010.

H Plewis on The Paul Franks Show on BBC West Midlands; 6 Oct 2010.


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