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The Slaughterhouse Club

All over Vauxhall, some hope and some despair.

Duckie have been running residencies and arts workshops in Graham House and Robertson Street, two hostels for long term entrenched alcoholics in Vauxhall and Battersea.

Often referred to as street drinkers or dossers, hostel residents live chaotic lives with a number of overlapping problems: alcohol dependency, drug addiction, poor mental health, family breakdown, run ins with the police over petty crime. 

Over the past year, supported by the Gulbenkian Foundation, four facilitators from Duckie have been running a drop in at the two hostels, treating the residents as artists and developing performance, video and visual art works that reflect on their lives, their feelings and their desire to change. 

View the Project Report (PDF)

This project is run by Mark Whitelaw, Robin Whitmore, Jonny Hey and Tim Brunsden.

Video Credit: MARK BRUTTON  (top picture) a young man with a lot of potential to be a really good artist, made the two videos on this page with us a few months ago before he sadly died.

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