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Duckie Summer Party
Saturday 10 August 2013, 9pm - 2am, Southbank Centre
it's the grand finale of Duckie's Vauxhall Bacchanal

In a night dedicated to wanton summer pleasure, we invite you to

  • bodyrock on the dancefloor to thems Readers Wifes
  • pogo to token straight boy rocksters The Caezars
  • swoon to the sound of soul boy sensation Fingersnap
  • picture the hip-hop dance spectacle of Zoo Nation
  • witness song signing diva Caroline Parker
  • have a bubble bath with slim sensation Amy Lamé
  • slumber on our special comfy beds
  • or just get effing hammered with your mates.

Fight for your right to party?  Or fight for your right to be arty? 
Well it is summertime let’s swig and schlep.

The nu-rage-lezbos, the post-wave-gays and the funny people will come in their hundreds to
take over the Royal Festival Hall:  Join them. 

We are British and wayward Saturday nights are a way of life.

Plus lay down for The Bloomfield Quartet, a 1729 style classical music troupe peddling
the new Pleasure Gardens Groove after midnight on Level 5.

Part of Duckie's Vauxhall Bacchanal

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