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Gay Shame and Lesbian Weakness 2014

Duckie: Christine, Gay Shame and Lesbian Weakness 2014

Duckie: Lady Leshurr
Duckie: Ann Liv Young
Saturday 28 June 2014, 9pm - 4am

Electric Brixton, London

There will be a limited amount of tickets to buy on the door tonight.

The Annual Festival of Homosexual Misery makes its grand return on Gay P***e night at the legendary danceteria formerly known as The Fridge.

Welcome to the Pleasuredome; a rainbow flag version of North Korea.

A COMPULSORY celebration for the post-queer precariat.

There is No Alternative.

Homo-normative exploitation COMPULSORY
Celebrity Filthy Meat COMPULSORY
Facebook selfies COMPULSORY
Hair like Kim Jon-un COMPULSORY

Ann Liv Young
Lady Leshurr

Supreme Leader Mistress Amy Lamé

Musical Oligarchs Readers Wifes & Unskinny Bop

Totalitarian Video Surveillance Wrench & Franks

Force Fed Fairground The Drakes

Resident Drug Dealer Sooze Frumin

Pathetic Party Pieces Tim Spooner

Self Loathing Secretariat Robin Whitmore

Door Bureaucrats The Cloths

Tickets £18

in advance from
or in person from The Retro Bar (no booking fee)
or on the door on the night

 Electric Brixton


Hotline: +44 (0)20 7737 4043

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