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Saturday 19 July, 10.30pm – 3am
Henham Park, Southwold, Suffolk


Duckie go all ‘Spearmint Rhino’ and ‘Stringfellows’ for their fifth consecutive annual Latitude
outing as they adopt the language and posture of so-called ‘Gentleman’s Clubs’.

Provocative performance is paid and displayed with a line up of go-go girls and chorus mollies featuring
The Lucille Power Company, Kalki Hula Girl, Tina Turner Tea Lady and Irreverent Sideshows.

Why not pirouette past our place as we lap-and-pole dance to the luxury rock’n’roll
sounds of resident disc jockeys Readers Wifes?

The best little whorehouse in Suffolk is hostessed by Madame Myra Du Bois with a special
guest cameo appearance by our spiritual superintendent Mrs Margaret Thatcher.

Inbetween the lewd acts voyeurs, sleazy salary men, and other neo-liberals are
encouraged to leer, sneer, feel the fear and drink beer.

Other highlights at Latitude include Damon Albarn, Robyn, Forced Entertainment,
Simon Amstell and The English National Ballet.

this is not a brothel, there are no prostitutes at this address

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