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L I V E R P O O L   I S   B U R N I N G

T H E   G R A N D   V O G U E   B A L L

November 2008

Adelphi Ballroom, Liverpool

A Grand Vogue Ball produced with Homotopia, House of Suarez & Horse Meat Disco, hosted by Rikki Beadle-Blair.

Re-inventing the black, gay, New York, 1980's, fashionista format with a myriad of fiery community groups for the European Capital of Culture.

Contest categories included WAGs, Fantasia, Femme Realness, Best Choreography, Retrosexual, Orphans and Scally's Mum

  Event featured: House of Armistead, House of Fab, House of Fierce, House of LIPA, House of Romanov, House of Sahir, House of Terpsichore, House of Duckie,
House of Egypt, House of High Leg Kick, House of Horse Meat Disco
and House of the Valley of the Dolls

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