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C'est Duckie!
C'est Vauxhall!
C'est Barbican!
C'est Birmingham!

Invented for shabby gay south London boozer, the Royal Vauxhall Tavern for Xmas 2002, the show has since been presented under various titles in:

  • Edinburgh (Fringe Festival, August 2003) and somewhere in Greece.
  • London (Barbican, Christmas 2003 & 2004)
  • Sydney (Opera House Studio, February 2004)
  • Berlin (Hebbel am Ufer, February 2005)
  • Manchester (QUN at The Lowry, May 2005)
  • Birmingham (Fierce! at Hippodrome, May 2005)
  • Tokyo (PAC, March 2007)
  • Kyoto (PAC, March 2007)
  • New York (PS122, 2007-8)

WINNER: Olivier Award Best Entertainment Show 2004
WINNER: Time Out London Special Theatre Award 2004
WINNER: Fringe First Total Theatre Award 2003
WINNER: Fringe First Herald Angel Oscars 2003

"If you are looking for something completely different, look no further than this show from our greatest purveyors of progressive working class entertainment, Duckie. A Christmas hit...shameless, rude, vaudeville entertainment that fuses Moulin Rouge spectacle with lap dancing and performance art. You will have seen nothing quite like it and it is well worth seeing. C'est delicious, c'est delightful, c'est divine. C'est tres magnifique!"

"Delicious bite sized burlesque"

"A deliriously decadent and divinely different evening...
C'est chic et fantastique"
"Picture a lap dancing joint, crossed with a cabaret lounge, then up the kitsch and campness a few gears, add some genuine artistic innovation and you?ll get some idea of Duckie's latest extravaganza. Enormously enjoyable concept cabaret...Impossible to resist...C'est Duckie. C'est Formidable!"

"The most fun you'll have in a theatre all year - guaranteed"

With financial support from the British Council and Arts Council England

Hotline: +44 (0)20 7737 4043

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