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This is some of the original award winning Duckie website (1996-2014) including all the Event Archives, listing of Saturday Night  Performances and Press Clippings from those years.  

Duckie first appeared in November 1995 as "The avant-garde performance art nightclub for homosexual ladies and gentlemen in South London".  I was new in London and became a Duckie regular.   I registered, built the unofficial Duckie website and won the Best London Nightclub Website Award in 1996.  Duckie adopted my site as official, and me with it.  The website became an ever evolving avant-garde creative collaboration between myself and Duckie staff, performers, art directors, videographers, djs, journalists, ciritcs and regulars.    At its peak it featured Duckie's own streaming station "Radio Duckie", online box-office and the "A-List", our mass-mailer with over 4,000 direct subscribers.   This site, now retired at, remains an important resource for anyone curious about Duckie and is a thing of pride in itself.  

                                             -   Leif Harmsen, 2014

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