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23 July 2013
Cake Snaps at Duckie Goes to the Gateways, June 28

The Moist Cake: Lemon Tart

Gateways was the lesbian club in London from the 40s to the 80s. Just off the King’s Road, and through a side door, it was a cramped little slice of heaven. And a few weeks ago collective
Duckie brought it back to life at Camden Town Hall: and boy oh boy did they do it well. Spontaneous drama-filled fights, bartenders suddenly dancing in unison above punters, glorious Dusty-esque singers… and haircuts and pop-up shoot snaps so of their time it was like you’d travelled back a few decades in a DeLorean to get them.

Here’s a few Gateway-style snaps of the night by Holly Falconer

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