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February 2010
BAC, London

Valentine's and variety 
for new romantics and old romantics. 

The younger Duckie fraternity were joined by equal numbers of OAPs…
on the stage and on the dancefloor.

An authentic London revue:  tap hoofing, hula hooping, shadow play, 
fireworks, films, opera, music hall, ballroom, rom-com, pop songs, poofs and pensioners.

Starred Ida Barr, The Company of Elders, 1927, Matthew Robins, Lucifire, Lorraine Bowen, Will Gaines, The Sugar Dandies, H. Plewis, Robin Whitmore, Tim Spooner, Gerardine Arthur, Craig Reid, Scottee, Miss Amy Lamé, Mr Wonderful, Father Cloth & Miss High Leg Kick 

Valentine's Ball
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