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David Hoyle

David Hoyle remains a whirlwind phenomenon on the gay London underground scene drawing large audiences and critical acclaim.

In the late 90s, The Divine David took the queer, "anti-gay" and performance scene by storm with a series of notorious shows in gay pubs and clubs. He built up a huge following of the "curious, converted and catatonically drunk" as he trod a path between incitement and abject danger. Part "end of the pier" song and dance showman, part experimental performer, his shows were famously unpredictable - when he wasn't sharing his shocking opinions (describing the gay scene as "the biggest suicide cult in history"), he was pole-dancing, performing showbiz numbers, painting live murals or performing striptease by removing his own skin.

Following two Channel 4 series and finding himself on the brink of mainstream success, he took the shock decision to retire, stating that "the world needs another gurning celebrity like it needs a whole in the head". In reality, his rock'n'roll lifestyle and dangerous performance style had taken a toll on his mental health and well-being. His final farewell performance was The Divine David On Ice - an extraordinary ice-skating spectacular at Streatham Ice Rink in summer 2000.

David Hoyle made his 'comeback' from 2006 performing S.O.S, Magazine and some such farces.

In 2009 Duckie and David Hoyle took a short break from each other. The performance grand meister  decided to spread his wings and collaborate with a promiscuous bunch of new producers. We wish him well - he's fooking talented.

Duckie and Mr Hoyle will be working together on special one off projects in the future. 

"Quite the scariest, funniest, smartest, truest, noblest thing you can see"
The Guardian

"A Genius"
Time Out

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