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C'est Duckie! Notes for Promoters:

C'est Duckie! is produced for a capacity of only 80 patrons per show. The event is fully interactive with the audience sitting at cabaret tables. It is suitable for either a medium sized flat clear studio theatre or a site specific nightclub location. With a running time of just over 2 hours, think event culture rather than traditional theatre. Minimum booking is for one weeks residency. This includes a three day get-in and a run of seven performances over five nights (includes two double show nights). Site visits from the producer & production manager are a requirement before any formal booking is made. The touring company is made up of seven people.

Promoters are required to locally find and engage 4 waiters to work with the company for the run. The venue needs to set up a bar, with 2 bar staff and serve drinks including the special 'Duckie Champagne'.

For one week the fee is £13,000 plus flights and accommodation for seven people, freight for the set, waiters, chair hire (100 to our spec) and curtain hire.

Due to the relatively small capacity box office potential in relation to the costs of presenting the show, promoters will be aware that project needs significant public arts subsidy to balance the books. It is a showcase event suitable for international theatre and live art festivals and venues that have a few bob to spend on this kind of nonsense. Financial support may be available from the British Council.

Hotline: +44 (0)20 7737 4043

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