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Howard Hardiman and Nicholas Immaculate

Howard Hardiman has been described as "Suave" by Simply Knitting Magazine.  He also draws comics and does sign language stuff to 60's girl groups in his bedroom. See  

When not busy tending to the wardrobe needs of Madonna, Lady GaGa , Take That , Sugababes and David Hoyle, 'Costumier to the Stars', Nicholas Immaculate likes to dress up in his  best hoop skirts and parade around in fields and deserts  singing into peoples faces ... and namedropping.  Howard and Nicholas are collaborating a makeover experience to transform your dowdy, butch clothes into delicate objects of fey beauty and to unleash your feminine wiles with the body armour of makeup.  Clock on for a shift at Madame Immaculate's & Hardiman’s Beauty Factory and add some feminine glamour to your fellow Shamer's drab threads.

Hotline: +44 (0)20 7737 4043

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