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Saturday 4 July 2009     9pm - 4am


02 Academy Brixton
211 Stockwell Road, London SW9 UK
(2 mins from Brixton tube)


A pro-femme funfair for post-gay chicks and chaps
An arty farty party for the clitterati
and a nightclub packed with things to do!



On the main stage Saint Etienne

Designed by Robin Whitmore  Hostessed by Miss Amy Lamé
Readers Wifes guest DJs Unskinny Bop

Decorate a cake Multi-Task Be Hysterical Paint a gentle watercolour of a vagina Get Arrested by the Femme Police Embroider a Tapestry Have a Backstreet  Abortion Be a Fashion Model Be a stereotype Test your Feminine Qualities Have your nipples cast in chocolate Visit the Womyn’s ‘Safe Space’ and worship the Sacred Goddess Cunt Do some low paid factory work Get wasted at the Hen Party Duck away from the Yummy Mummys Put your lipstick traces everywhere Model naked with your sisters Show us what’s in your handbag Hoover Have a boob job Smell Mummys Perfume Breastfeed Give birth Arrange Flowers Clean Toilets   Have a bedbath Have a Facinator made Buy some Jam from the Womens Institute Enjoy Musicals Watch your weight But most of all …Go shopping.

The last ever Gay Shame is an indoor po-mo-homo playground full of interactive art and alternative ideas.  It is a creative rebellion against the banalities of the mainstream Gay Pride festival and a satire on the commercialisation of our community.

After last year’s comic condemnation of masculinity comes this summer’s celebration of femininity.

Calling all butches of both genders: stop being hard and let down your guard.

So dress up, enter the entertainment emporium,
collect your currency of green shield stamps
and spend them in our glamorous ersatz department store.

Ladies are powerful consumers!

At the stalls:

 Russell Harris & Janine Harrington: The Welcoming Party Bird la Bird: The Femme Police Wrench & Franks: Department X Too Many Divas: The WII Tent Sue Frumin & Clare Morgan: Fannies Fancies Completely Naked: Feminine Tableux Vivants Tom McLeod & Susannah Hart: Ten Classic Breasts Miss High Leg Kick & Steve Nice: The Enchanted Forest - Miss High Leg Kick's Hair Removal Clinic Roy Kerr: Up Miss Ella Vator The Sartorial Eventists: 'AsGot Hats - Ladies Day Millinery Howard Hardiman: The Beauty Factory Nicholas Immaculate: Woman's Work @ The Beauty Factory Scottee: Abortive Tapestry Robin Whitmore: Female Stereotypes Charlie Pulford: World of Lipstick Dr T.Estosterone & Dr S.Punk: 100% Femme Ryan Styles: Milk Bar Thom Shaw & Ryan Ormonde: Eau de Mamam Tim Spooner: Immaculate Childbirth Lucille Power: Mummies Little Helper The Bears: The Care Bears' Girly, Sissy-Play Party Mitch & Parry: Mitchelino and Parriola - The Chocolatier Timberlina: Emotional Couture Brian Lobel: Georgia's O Lois Weaver: Hitchcock Handbags Johanna Linsley: Hysterical, Now! The Actionettes: Adventures in Ladyland Hewlett & Eaton: Barbara & Yogashwara's Safe Space H. Plewis: The Hen Party & Breast Feeding Rachel Davies: Yummy Mummys Sheila Ghelani: Nurse Knows Best Matthew Robins: Dolls House Cinema

Co-Starring: Zpark, Joanna Neary, Eirini Kartsaki, Olga Raciborska,

Geneva Foster Gluck, Harriot Plewis, Francesca Millican-Slater, James Woods,

Kate Rigden, Kat Iriate, Jonny Woo, The Muffia, Andrew Humphrey, Wee Lee,

The Stylinquents...and others to be confirmed.


radical femmes first ladies femme doms fairies WI’s debutantes dandies birds brides blowzabellas quentins spinsters sissies suffragettes
…and their butch brethren.


Producer Simon Casson
Administrative Producer Dicky Eton
Production Manger
Marty Langthorne Graphic Designer Daniel Martin
Leif Harmsen    Door Whore Father Cloth
Funded by Arts Council England. Supported by:
The Pink Paper Gay Times Metropolitan Police


Download 53Mb MP3

or press the dainty play button:

1.    Paris Is Burning / Ladyhawke
2.    Chick Habit / April March
3.    We Don’t Play Guitars / Chicks On Speed
4.    The Dominatrix Sleeps Tonite! / The Dominatrix
5.    Past Present & Future / The Shangri-La’s
6.    Typical Girls / The Slits
7.    It’s In His Kiss / Linda Lewis
8.    Burn It Up / Beatmasters featuring PP Arnold
9.    Sugar Me / Lynsey De Paul
10. Mind Your Own Business / Delta 5
11. Movie Star / Roisin Murphy
12. Oxygene / Jean Michel Jarre
13. Pretend We’re Dead / L7
14. I’m Sorry / Brenda Lee

Clips include:  Jane Fonda, Rape, Sandra Berhard, Black Beauty, Housework Tips, Corrie, Look Around You, The Hairdresser, Rock Follies, The Flirts, Lily Allen, To Be The Best, Sex Change Operation, Good Taste Tip for Dating, Sally James Saturday Scene, H.I.H. Regina Fong.

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