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Unskinny Bop, Guest DJs

The Unskinny Bop team have spent the past five years building their disco outpost in the heartland of London’s fashionable east London. They cater for girls, gays, misfits of all persuasions and anyone who smiles, apologises if they spill your drink, and believes in the power of d.i.y. disco. They play only amazing records from any and all of pop’s eras and sub-genres, and have a penchant for Dolly Parton, fine dining, Scrabble and Guitar Hero. Sadly their tribute band to Avril Lavigne is, at present, only theoretical.  They are the Wifes warm-up for Shame 2009 and they will be on the main floor from 9pm - 11pm.

Hotline: +44 (0)20 7737 4043

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