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Marisa Carnesky

Witness a momentary glimpse of the travelling 3D see-through lady show... Catch her if you can.

Magic, street performance and morbid carnival combine to present the most elusive experience for auciences in Nightbird's quest for new forms.

On the eveing of Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year, witness Carnesky's horse and carriage apparition as it travels from the east end to the west end.

Is it a solemn aiffair or a joyous occasion?

Is it a traditinal London funeral procession or a bizarre carnivalesque stunt?

The black feathered horses ride on pulling a glass casket that contains the weeping burlesque ghost as it visits the sites of its former glories and downfalls.

A public entertainment and display of mourning using live ghost illusion and night time spectacle.

Wear black gloves and hang about on the route waiting for the slideshow to appear...

This project is a collaboration with performance artist Marisa Carnesky, illusionist Paul Kieve and Alva Evans Horsedrawn Funeral Carriages.

Friday 21st of June 2002, 10 pm - midnight

The installation travels from Brick Lane to Soho and back again.

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