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The Lorraine Bowen Experience
Sleepover Cabaret, Dreamy Variety & Live Bed Show

Don't book theatre seats, book theatre beds.

It's Sunday Night at The London Palladium done as Radio 4's Book at Bedtime.

Arrive with your pyjamas and toothbrush, get tucked up in a single bed, and sleep over all night in this gentle, cozy, melancholy snooze-cabaret.

Duckie transforms Hoxton's Circus Space into a 30 bed performance dormitory for this extraordinary variety show and pyjama party that runs from dusk till dawn.

Supported by DJ in a rocking chair and accompanied by special guest performance moonlighters, pop cabaret starlet Lorraine Bowen invites you to go to bed with her.

For the ultimate chill out enjoy a dream filled bill of orchestral lullabies, late night storytelling, aerial dance spectacle and swoony stargazine.

Your overnight bag should contain pyjamas, slippers, dressing gown, toothbrush and a towel... a culinary contribution to the midnight feast is optional.

We will provide beds, duvets, earmuffs, midnight munchies, Ovaltine... someone to tuck you up...and breakfast and showers in the morning.

Most theatre shows try to keep you awake, this one's designed to send you to sleep...

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The Lorraine Bowen Experience

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