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Charlie Pulford

A spoken word soundtrack for a church

A late night soiree providing opportunity for reflection and illumniation for empty, direction-less, bourgeois people.

Over centuries countless thousands of pilgrims have journeyed to churches throughout Europe on specific holy days.  An act of devotion to witness vast altar pieces being opened to reveal extraordinary painted depictions of biblical themes.

Six hundred years later the creative spirit has evolved from the altar pieces of Hubert and Jan Van Eyck to become the Saatchi collection.

Locating himself in the sacred space of a church, artist Charlie Pulford pieces together fragments of his stories and poetry to construct his vision of an earthly paradise.

Set to patterns of atmospheric drum programming and sounds shifting from Los Angeles street scenes to English rural life, a stream of spoken images and ideas take an audience on a personal journey through time.

Sardonic, abstract humerous and at times perverse the writing explores dark corners, emty spaces and searches for truth and illumination in the irony of the situations it discovers.

At the age of eight Charlie Pulford was asked to leave his local church choir for continually distracting people by talking and trying to make them laugh...

and now he's back with a new show.


Thursday 11th and Friday 12th July 2002 . At midnight
Vauxhall St. Peters Church, 310 Kennington Lane SE11

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