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Joshua Sofaer

Biography and portraiture traditinally record the present and past for the future.  We reflect on how they looked then, what they did then, how they thought then. What might a biography or portrait of the future be?  The Crystal Ball is an event that forcasts the lives of the audience that attend.

Presented as a sequence of one-to-oine interactions, participants will have their destiny revealed through professional consultations.

A psychic, medic, face reader, illustrator, financial consultant, careers adviser and alternative therapist set up stall to predict the future YOU in a series of snapshots compiled on site and presented to each participant before they leave as 'This Is Your Life To Come'.  A troupe of sequined ballroom dancers greet each guest and shadow their journey from one prediction booth to the next.

Working as a spectacle for onlookers and a fortune telling for participants, The Crystal Ball puts your future in the picture.
All consultations will be given in strict confidence.

It's Robert Wilson meets Mystic Meg.

It's Pina Bausch at a Spiritualist Meeting.

It's Miss High Leg Kick and Nostradamus at Careers Fair.

It's The Future.

Saturday 29th & Sunday 30th June 2002 2pm - 9.30pm Institute of Contemporary Arts, The Mall, London SW1

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