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Ursula Martinez, Jane Devoy & Vito Rocco

Lower Class, Middle Class or Upper Class: 

The Choice is yours.

Diners are invited to book a table at one of the three restaurants serving tonight, cast themselves according to their chosen social status and participate in an event of class conscious hi-jinx.

In role as social archetypes enjoy a three course meal:

For the plebs: Greasy Spoon & Lager

For the petit-bourgeois: Rustic Fusion Cooking and New World Wines

For the posh: Silver Service and Champagne

Martinez, Devoy and Rocco are joined by head chef Tom Norrington-Davies and a team of waiting staff and surprise guest performers for this quintessentially English game of manners.

Come dressed suitably to reflect your chosen social status.

Eat a three course mean from the relevant menu.

Behave in a manner appropriate to your breeding.

£4.99 Lower Classes
£15 Middle Classes
£25 Upper Classes

Thursday 23 & Friday 24 May 2002 8pm
The Brickhouse, Old Truman Brewery, 91 Brick Lane, London E1

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Martinez, Devoy & Rocco

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