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Jyll Bradley

An evening spent 'doing the flowers for church'.

Fragrant is an introduction to the language of flowers.  Led by a top florist we will learn hands on tips in choosing, arranging and making flowers last both for the home and place of worship.  So whether you want advice on stemming 'gerbera droop' in your Hackney loft or would like to know the meaning of giving gladiolus, this event is for you.

From the Japanese art of Ikebana to the ladies who 'do the church flowers', floristry has long been an expression of love and sirituality.  Temporal yhet hopeful, flowers are often found where words fail.  Interestingly, as we search for the symbolic in today's secular society, 'saying it with flowers' has never been more popular.

The floral displays created at Fragrant will be installed in St Peter's Church to correspond with Charlie Pulford's spoken word soundtrack, Are You God?

'The florist's work is a real act of worship'
From 'Arranging Church Flowers' by Molly Purefoy

Wednesday 10 July 2002 8pm
Vauxhall St. Peter's Church, 310 Kennington Lane, SE11

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