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Tom Castle

Back to School with the Duckie Generation.

With a nod to the current success of nostalgiafests such as Friends Reunited and, Nightbird moves from the sublime to the ridiculous and goes back to school for this participatory event.

With guest artists as teachers and the aucience in role as pupils, replay the pleasures and the pains of  ' the best days of your life'. Don your old school tie, grab your dinner money and attend a full timetable of classes, from maths to PE, art to science.

Revisit the pedagtogies from the traditional to the progressive.  Be inspired by the brilliant teachers and humiliated or just plain bored by the bad ones.

Did "Robo" Robson really hang by his feet out of the Chemistry Lab window?

Did Tracy Miller really put a Shepherd's Pie in the pottery kiln?

It's like Founders Day and the last day of term all rolled into one.  You may be bumping into some old friends... or arch enemies.  Watch out for special guests.  And who is tha tdinner lady?

Question Six

If it took one History master 36 minutes to mark fifteen essays on"What kind of policy is 'Laissez-Fare' and how does the term relate to the development of the United Kingdom?", how long did it take three boys and two girls to write out the whole of Psalm 119?

(The pen was 6.5 ins long and 1.67cm in circumference, the boys' average weight was 7st 12lbs 3oz, the girls' average pocket money was £1 3/6d.  Answers in 'Elephants' please.)

Please wear white shirt and black trousers or skirt.

Charles Edward Brooke School, Cormont Road, Camberwell SW9

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